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[D Factor] How to stay focused…

Friday, 20 May 2016.


My goodness is it just me or are you noticing in the highly social and digital world we live in it’s EXTREMELY challenging to stay focused. And listen, I’m all for more innovation, more technology, more access and more resources but I find it a blessing and a curse. It’s great to have more options but it’s a struggle to not give in to the bright and shiny objects whispering “look over here” or “come to me” or “ look at me” or “buy me” ….

Do you ever find yourself sucked in? Do you often drift? Do you find it challenging to focus? I mean it’s an amazing time to be alive but DARN IT there is so much going on that TODAY YOU MUST HAVE a rock-solid ability to keep your eyes on what’s most important or it’s easy to fall victim to everything else demanding your attention at home at work at school or wherever.

If this is speaking to you… if you wake up sucked in to all that’s going on in the world through the many entry points like Radio, TV, Telephone, Social Media, Email, etc. allow me to share three things you might consider to regain control at the beginning of the day so you can have more focus:

Don’t open the door

Don’t open the door is an analogy I use to describe what happens when you wake up in the morning and open email, open Facebook, open Twitter, open Periscope, open Instagram, open LinkedIn, etc. Now these are all great resources; however, if this is part of your morning routine but you find yourself currently in overwhelm, chances are this is not serving you. It’s not working for you. The reason I vote against opening door to early in the morning is because we have the most clarity and control first thing in the morning but you kill it when you open the door and let others in too soon. It’s like leaving the front door of your home open so flies can come in and distract you. Leaving the front door of your home open is like leaving a welcome mat out for thieves to come in and steal your valuables (i.e. your attention, your mind, your agenda and most of all your time). Consider being more deliberate about what time you are “open for business/open for guest”. 

Bankers Deposit

If you wake up in the morning and run to the news but find yourself currently in overwhelm the moment you get to work, know that this daily routine of yours MAY NOT BE WORKING FOR YOU. Consider exchanging what you take in first thing in the morning from bad news to good news or some other high value deposit i.e. something educational or motivational. Just 10 minutes a day to read something positive from a book or an article or perhaps you can listen in and while getting ready for the day or on your commute to wherever you go in the morning. It’s as simple as a 10-minute investment in yourself rather than something that has little or no return other than information. Make that deposit in to your “personal” bank account.

Plan in Advance

If you wake up in overwhelm, not sure where to start, or find yourself making moment-by-moment decisions from the time you wake up, it is safe to say you probably don’t operate from a plan. If that is the case, do you realize a simple plan will help you resolve overwhelm and draw your attention to what’s most important? Before you go to bed at night take 10 minutes to think about what you need to accomplish the following day and take another 5 minutes to commit your top three goals to paper. It’s as simple as that… the benefit is waking up clear and focused rather than confused and scattered.

So #BOOM there it is… my free will offering to you. Now you may or may not agree with me and that’s ok. My best practices are for you ONLY if you wake up overwhelmed, confused, scattered, without an agenda, itinerary or plan and you are not sure where to start. To master the art of focus you must take control of your morning. I’d love to hear from you. If this info was useful, Click here to comment.

See you at the top!


“Dee Marshall … Bull Sh*t”

Tuesday, 15 March 2016.

new skills

“Dee Marshall….. Bull Sh*t” is what this highly accomplished, educated, successful woman said to me. Yes ……she most certainly did and to be quite honest I was flattered :) because I was just doing my job. 

OK let me explain…. here’s the truth because it’s not exactly what you think …  she wasn’t referring to me as Bull Sh*t. She was the one with the BS.  She said “Dee thank you for calling me on my BS.  I had a coach for many years and I now realize all she did was pacify me and it didn’t get me anywhere. This is why I hired you ….so Thank you.”  

WOW. The woman who we will call Tessa was actually a new client and in this moment she was receiving exactly what she needed. YES! 

Just to clarify, I didn’t call her “BS”. I was just “holding up a mirror” so she could get clarity and see what was resting in her blind spot. The good thing about this exercise is once you see what is in your blind spot, you can deal with it. Whatever needs to happen YOU NOW HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DECIDE WHAT ACTION TO TAKE.   

You can’t fix what you won’t face. I think it’s reasonable to say many people don’t deal with “IT”, whatever “IT” may be, because they can’t see. It is possible that you just don’t know what you don’t know, which is why having a resource like a Coach can be extremely valuable.       

I say we all need someone who will call “BS” or tell us the truth. It may be a Coach :) or some trusted confidant, advisor or accountability partner. If you are stuck, stalled in your pursuit to go further, want to play bigger, do more, be better in your life, career or business, the benefit of having this kind of resource will help you move out of your own way.    


To Help You See Your Blind Spot 

A skilled, trained, gifted, professional Coach should help you see your blind spots. The Johari window concept describes the body of all possible knowing like this (a) what I know that I know (b) what I know that I don’t know (c) what I don’t know that I know (d) what I don’t’ know that I don’t know. So it is highly unlikely (even if you have a super power) that you can see all and this theory helps me make my case.  

To Stretch Your Vision 

A skilled, trained, gifted, professional Coach or Mentor should be able to help you see beyond where you are right now and show you possibility.  It’s ok for the people around you to believe in your vision, particularly if they are family and friends. But, if/when you retain the services of a professional, he/she should see more for you and your life than you see. 

To Increase Your Capacity 

A skilled, trained, gifted Coach, Mentor or Strategic Advisor will challenge you to be better and do better, which will increase your capacity for more. If your current leadership or accountability or covering does not stretch you, add value or increase you, they are keeping you small (in my opinion).  If there’s no challenge, there’s no change. If there’s no stretching, there’s no increase. Stretching increases your capacity for more. It increases your bandwidth.

So there you have it. What say you?  I would love to hear back from you… click here to post your feedback.


See you at the top!

Dee Marshall 

[WANT TO USE THIS LIFE LESSON FOR YOUR BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA FEED?  Feel free to grab with the appropriate credit IP release in it's entirety as follows.] "Your personal fulfillment is a direct result of your willingness to write and produce your own script." #VitaminDee #Lifework brought to you by Dee Marshall |Certified Coach | International Speaker | TV Lifestyle Personality | Girlfriends Pray Founder ... Dee Marshall is a renowned expert on coaching women to success. - See more at: http://www.deecmarshall.com/blog

Do this one thing and hit your goals every time...

Saturday, 27 February 2016. Dee Marshall

goals keyIt doesn't matter who you are, what you do, what you know, who you know or how smart you are. MANY PEOPLE ARE challenged when it comes to sticking to a goal. You start out with good intentions, perhaps you start out with a decent plan and you may even have some level of accountability BUT you still struggle.

Ok, if this is you I HAVE ONE STRATEGY I want you to consider IF IT RESONATES...

From my "COACH DEE PLAYBOOK" I give you MPPM, which stands for "Mental Preparation before Physical Manifestation". It means you have to get your head in the game before you step a foot on the field. You have to get your head sold to the idea before you "effort" the idea. When you are "bought in" to an idea it becomes a little easier to do the work and stick with it to the end. 

I use this PLAY with practically all of my clients who come to me with a goal.... BEFORE WE START, I invite them to tell me WHY they want the new job, to be married, to get a divorce :(, why they want to relocate, why they want to launch this business, write a book, run for public office, pitch a TV show ... I challenge them just as I would you. 

Make a case as if you are an Attorney presenting her/his case before the Judge. {YES I ACTUALLY DO THIS AND IT WORKS!} 

If you can't make a strong enough case for WHY you want it, it has no staying power. It lacks an Anchor to hold it before you therefore it is more likely to drift off and there goes your goal out to sea. When you can no longer see the goal, more often than not it's because something else steals your time, energy and attention. HASHTAG FAIL. 

So to increase your chances for success, here's what you need to know about ANCHORING as a way to accomplish your goals: 

The Anchor is your Why 

You must answer the questions... Why do I want this [fill in the blank]? Why is it important? Why would accomplishing this goal make sense for me? What's the risk of not accomplishing the goal? What is it costing me to not have this now? 

The Why is the lifeline 

This is an exercise of coming up with enough reasons not to give up. Trying coming up with as many reasons as possible... and in some cases you may even feel the emotion attached to the goal (which is a good thing). Then keep the list as motivation not to give up and a reminder why you started. The result should be a resolve to finish by any means necessary. 

So there you have it. MPPM is necessary if you want to achieve any goal and anchoring is one of my personal best practices. Try it out and I would love to hear back from you. What do you do that really helps you stick to your goal? 

Leave your comments below

See you at the top! 

Dee Marshall

[WANT TO USE THIS LIFE LESSON FOR YOUR BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA FEED?  Feel free to grab with the appropriate credit IP release in it's entirety as follows.] "Your personal fulfillment is a direct result of your willingness to write and produce your own script." #VitaminDee #Lifework brought to you by Dee Marshall |Certified Coach | International Speaker | TV Lifestyle Personality | Girlfriends Pray Founder ... Dee Marshall is a renowned expert on coaching women to success. - See more at: http://www.deecmarshall.com/blog


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