Five Things To Do Now to Win in 2018

Success Starts with Accountability

Hello, greatness!

Ok, so you started off the year with great intentions and your intentions have now translated to something committed to paper like goals.... That is wonderful.

However here’s the thing: good intentions aren’t enough and goals committed to paper aren't enough. You need a lot …. you must be intentional, have a vision for your life, specific goals you plan to accomplish this year, a development plan as well as an action plan and it wouldn't hurt to have a few integrity anchors. BUT EVEN WITH ALL THAT YOU WOULD BE MISSING ONE CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTOR which is accountability.

Here are five ways to stay committed and get the accountability you need to accomplish your goals this year and step into the yummy life you deserve.

Hire a life coach

Just like we find it helpful to have a coach for nutrition and exercise, a life coach is there to give advice, help you set goals, and cheer you on. Most importantly, a life coach holds you accountable for those goals and can give you clear instruction, specific to you, with focus, support and structure.

Find a strategic advisor

If you can't afford a Life Coach just yet, ask a seasoned, professional person to be your mentor or strategic advisor. Be sure to meet with him or her on a monthly basis. It’s best to set up a recurring coffee date or check-in – like the third Wednesday of every month – so schedules don’t get full. We all have that friend we’ve been meaning to call for three months … but still haven’t. If it’s not on the calendar or written in your planner, it probably won’t happen.

Turn to a confidant

What if there isn’t a seasoned person at this point in your life to serve as your advisor? Ask a trusted friend or confidant to check in with you once a week. Sometimes just a text to make sure you’re on track is enough. Again, it’s important to have a set schedule for when you’re going to hold each other accountable.

Create an accountability group

Another great way to establish accountability is to put together a small group of people you mastermind with. Mastermind simply means you get together regularly with a group of people for the purpose of brainstorming and holding each other accountable to clearly outlined goals. This way you have more than one person holding you accountable.

Leverage tools and resources

Even the best accountability partner(s) or life coach can’t be with you every moment of every day. So, you need to leverage the right tools and resources to hold yourself accountable. One of my favorite tools to help me stay accountable is the productivity app. It’s amazing!

Don’t wait until tomorrow to create your accountability system. Stepping out of average, mediocre, status quo and into an abundant life starts right now — own it! And after you do, post on my Facebook page what form of accountability works for you.

See you at the top!

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