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Three reasons to stop comparing yourself to others

Hi Beautiful! Lately we’ve discussed a number of obstacles that get in the way of our greatness. If you missed any, check your inbox and get caught up! Now, maybe during the discussion of how to better order your life you found yourself comparing your abilities to those of a certain friend or coworker who always seems to have it together. We all do it, and no one benefits from it. In fact, there are three important reasons you should stop the comparisons and step into a new life.

It’s unfair to you

Sure, that person looks like she has it all together. But here’s the thing: we always compare our worst to their best. We are attracted to comparing ourselves when the other person is in, or looks to be in, a better position. It isn’t fair. You’re comparing yourself at your very worst with someone at their very best, so you’ve put yourself at an unfair disadvantage from the start. If you want the abundant life God promised you in John 10:10, you have to get out of your own way and stop comparing yourself to others.

It isn’t based on the whole story

You’re comparing yourself to someone when they are at their best AND it’s only a snapshot of that person. You don’t know the full story of what it took for them to get to this better place you’re admiring. For example, I recently shared a video of my first golf lesson. I posted a one-minute clip because that’s all the program would allow. The one-minute clip made me look really hot, but it was the last minute of the lesson. Viewers didn’t see the eight minutes prior when I made a lot of attempts but had a lot of misses. A person’s opinion of my golf abilities will change based on what part of the video they see, just like your opinion of someone else depends on what point in their story you’re seeing.

It’s an insult to God

If you identify as a believer in God, comparing yourself to others is an insult to your creator. We don’t physically see God in our everyday lives. Instead, we see His reflection in the people around us, and when we judge that reflection—even when it’s our own—we’re really insulting Him. You are a daughter of the King, so it’s an insult to Him to see yourself as anything other than His greatness personified. All you have to do is take one step of faith, follow your heart, follow your passion, follow your purpose and walk boldly in the direction of your dreams without stopping to compare yourself to others along the way.

Remember that you are unique, you are blessed, and you are gifted. Once you’ve committed to stop fruitlessly comparing yourself to other people, post on my Facebook page about the positive changes you can see in your life.

See you at the top!

Dee C. Marshall

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