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Reinvent Yourself

re invent yourself

You are a professional woman, accomplished, celebrated and/or reasonably successful but you’ve come to terms with the fast that something is missing or you want more. You want more meaning and purpose in life or a better quality of life. You are seeking your next level and feeling that there is more for you and more to life than just your job and your pay check.


You are a woman of Faith with a leadership role and responsibility in ministry/church or a leader of a para-Church/ non-traditional ministry. You work hard as a Ministry Leader, Minister, Associate Pastor, First Lady, Pastor/Co-Pastor; you love hard and doing everything you know to serve and lead others. You simply want to be obedient to God, honor the call on your life and have the desires of your heart (just like God said in His Word).


If you are like my clients let’s call her “Faith”, you are busy in the kingdom but may not be in complete alignment with your purpose. You are likely singing, teaching and serving but you may not be doing the thing God created you to do. You are taking care of everyone else but not attending to your own needs. You know the Gospel, you know the “church”, and you know biblical principles but you don’t know how to apply the principles to every day life; you’ve never been taught application. And if you do know, then you probably don’t know the aspect relevant to you being called to lead in ministry. You learned “church” by watching to see what others were doing trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. There was no training or development aside from “Bible Study or Sunday School” or maybe a that annual conference. So you find yourself all over the place – doing everything and not really knowing your real role or giving adequate investment to developing the areas where you feel challenged. In fact, you may be assuming the wrong role (like many who take on “Pastor” by proxy).


You are perhaps going through the motions and need to STOP doing busy work; silence the incoming traffic so you can get clear about God’s plan, purpose and next steps. If you are clear you likely need to resolve the issues that are keeping you stuck like “the children of Israel in the wilderness for 40 years” and blocking you from moving forward. In addition it’s critical that you address any areas of chaos, confusion, clutter and disorder. THEN establish boundaries and create structure. Next you will need a plan with practical how-to steps, along with integrity anchors and accountability. It should go without saying you need a high degree of intention around the result you want and to focus on your own personal growth and leadership development. Remember you are leading and God has assigned people to you if you are in Ministry therefore leadership development is a non-negotiable.


First we will do a Gap Analysis and then identify what might be blocking you from moving forward and we will work on course correcting whatever comes out of the evaluation. Then we can start laying the foundation, establishing your life plan, map out your goals and create a step-by-step action plan. Once we have that in place you will be ready for strategic action around your assignment and then put in place the accountability you need to make this happen.

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