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Get Out of Your Own Way

You are a woman of faith; you believe in God and YOU DO OK in life but may be struggling to get ahead in life.  You seek clarity and guidance on how to get unstuck, how to change your life, how to position yourself for God’s best.  


You are a good woman and you have a fairly decent life HOWEVER you feel like you never get a break, you’ve struggled most of your life, you can’t seem to get ahead and it feels like you are wandering in the wilderness (going around in circles year after year doing the same thing).  Your biggest desire right now is to get out of the rut, move forward in all aspects of your life-like your work/business or career situation, your living situation, your relationships, your financial situation.  You may even have a bigger desire to just get closer to God and be who God called you to be.  Your need however is clarity on your current state and what it will take to move forward. It is critical that you have specific action steps to show you what you need to do and “how to” fix your life along with support and accountability.


You are often stretched for time and overwhelmed and exhausted.  You’ve been crying and praying for God to give you a break or breakthrough but nothing seems to be happening.  You so badly want better… a better job, a better paying job, a promotion, a business, clients or a ministry; you want a nicer/bigger home, a new car, more money, a better yummier relationship but you find yourself just going through the motions with no real intention or action towards a better life.  There’s work you need to do IN ADDITION to prayer.  There’s a lot of prayer but you’re not seeing your prayers answered as quickly as you would like to. 


Your primary focus needs to be on getting clarity on why you are not living the abundant life that God promised you and what to do to position yourself for God’s blessings.  You need to change your belief system to align with the promise of an abundant life.      It’s all about getting out of your own way and addressing the undercurrent that is seemingly holding you down when you are ready to go higher which means you address your issues, stops and blocks.  At the same time, it’s important to identify whether or not you are doing what you are supposed to do to position yourself for God’s best.  Then it’s about mapping out things you need to do differently, putting in place the support and accountability to move you out of average, status quo, mediocre living into the next best version of who God called you to be.  


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