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Private Coaching - Ongoing (3,6,12 months)

This 60 minute telephone coaching session is designed to help you get unstuck, get focused, get moving, get living, get happy, get over and get on with your life... whatever the goal, the need, the challenge, you have to stop talking and start “doing” (James 1:22). If you do the same things, you get the same results. So start here with a one-hour session and then determine how to move forward.

Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship between coach and client. You bring the “What” and I’ll show you "How" by providing focus, support and structure to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Listen you are Michael Jordan meaning there is greatness inside of you... now I am Coach Phill Jackson and I will walk along side you to win/victory/winning in your future and success is in your DNA. I have innate ability to serve women but I am also professionally trained, certified Coach and go-to resource for women.

If you want one coaching session or you are considering ongoing coaching with me, read all the yummy details below and at the end of this page if you feel moved, if something here resonates or God whispers in your ear them I INVITE YOU TO TAKE ACTION hit the buy button. [Note: All coaching starts here. If you want coaching that’s great and that’s why I’m here but during our time together you can talk if you want to, tell me a story if you want to, cry if you want to, “pick my brain” if you want to… either way this is the starting point.]

Who do I coach?

  • Women (mostly professional women)
  • Women of faith
  • Successful, unfulfilled or unsatisfied or unhappy
  • Successful, broke or broken
  • Successful, searching or unsuccessful, searching

My current clients are primarily professional women who hold positions/titles in the following area(s):








Corporate Executive

Doctoral Student



Executive Assistant

FBI Executive

First Lady

Flight Attendant

Law Enforcement Exec.


Purchasing Agent

Wellness Coach

 I work with women who are:

  • Women who are struggling to get ahead in life
  • Women who are challenged with chaos, confusion, clutter and disorder
  • Women who are committed to moving beyond status quo mediocre living
  • Women who are searching for meaning and purpose in life
  • Women who need guidance on their self-discovery
  • Women who are committed to their growth and development
  • Women who are chasing after God
  • Women who are working towards spiritual growth

 I work with women to support them with the following:

  • To step out of status quo/mediocre living
  • To start living according to the word
  • To change, transform or makeover my life
  • To become a better steward of my time
  • To resolve your issues of disorder, confusion and chaos in my life
  • To resolve your issues of disorder, confusion and chaos in environment
  • To resolve your issues of insecurity and feelings of inadequacy
  • To become a better person
  • To become a better person for my children and husband
  • To learn new success principles
  • To learn how to master the game of life
  • To create order in my life
  • To learn how to prioritize
  • To get focus, support and structure
  • To get mentoring I need
  • To get the accountability I need
  • To position myself for God’s best blessing
  • To prepare myself to lead others
  • To prepare myself for ministry
  • To practice obedience/faith in action
  • To learn how to apply the word to my life

 What areas do you specialize?

  • Life coaching
  • Faith-based coaching
  • Success coaching
  • Spiritual growth and personal development coaching
  • Relationship coaching (Engaged, Divorced, In-waiting)*

What can you expect during your session?

You can expect to use the time as you see fit within the scope of a coaching relationship. In other words, you set the agenda and I will provide the focus, support and structure to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Time permitting and your expected outcome will determine what we are able to accomplish.

What will it cover?

  • CLARITY: We get clarity on where you are
  • UNDERCURRENTS: We uncover your stops & blocks holding your back
  • MINDSET: We work through mental preparation need to move forward
  • MAPPING: We work on getting a clear roadmap to get you to your goal(s)
  • ACTION: We get you in consistent action/movement to your goal(s)

How do I start?

Whether you are considering a one-time coaching session with me or ongoing coaching, we start here with this first session (no committment) and at the conclusion we decide whether we are good fit, how I can be of service to you and how you’d like to move forward. Click here  to get started.  



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  • November 22-24, 2017 – Thanksgiving Holiday - Office Closed
  • December 22, 2017 - January 2, 2018 - Christmas Break - Office Closed
  • January 19-21, 2018 - YOUTopia Winter Retreat

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