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Successful people are paranoid!

Friday, 25 May 2012. Dee Marshall

Successful people are paranoid!

A little secret about me... are you ready? Drum roll please.... My name is Dee Marshall and I AM paranoid - an INVERSE PARANOID that is and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! That may or may not mean anything to you but it is such a good success secret I had to share this with you. An INVERSE PARANOID is basically an internal optimist who believes the universe is conspiring to bring good not for bad. An INVERSE PARANOID thinks positive and walks through life with rose colored glasses. Yes my friend the GLASS IS HALF FULL AND IT'S FREAKIN OVER FLOWING.... We wake up believing it's going to be a great day and the universe is conspiring to bring new opportunities, new ideas, new experiences, new clients, new business, new possibilities and new resources. That's good stuff, right? Well if it resonates with you keep reading...


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